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Domaine Marcel Lapierre, fine wines from Beaujolais

Domaine Marcel Lapierre is a winery in the Beaujolais area. Marcel is the last heir of this historical traditional winery, his father Michael, the founder, and Camille took the reins of the family business deciding to bottle and expand the winery. But it was the young and talented Marcel who gave the real turning point to the winery, converting to a completely natural type of viticulture.

With the support of the University of California, he manages the 13 hectares of the estate with the goal of producing authentic and territorial wines, all obtained from Gamay grapes, the main indigenous grape of Beaujolais. Vineyards have an average age of 65 years old, therefore they are strongly expressive in their terroir with a high content of granites, which gives great elegance to wines.

Harvesting is exclusively done by hand, after a semi-carbonic maceration, a method typically used in the Beaujolais region, where bunches are not pressed but put in steel tanks saturated with carbon dioxide, alcoholic fermentation is spontaneous and the use of sulfur dioxide is forbidden. Subsequently, after pressing and racking, the many "cuvèe" are blended in order to make a blend which will be aged in French oak casks for 9 months. Marcel Lapierre's reds are a sublime expression of Beaujolais, pleasing and immediate.

Marcel Lapierre La Cuvee du Chat Fronte 2020 Grandi Bottiglie Marcel Lapierre La Cuvee du Chat Fronte 2020 Grandi Bottiglie 2
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Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2019 Grandi Bottiglie
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Marcel Lapierre Morgon 2017 Magnum Grandi Bottiglie
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