biondi santi grandi bottiglieBiondi Santi: the best wines from Montalcino

The Biondi Santi company is absolutely one of the most important companies in the Tuscan panorama and throughout Italy. It has very ancient origins that date back to 1800 when Clemente Santi, literate and scientist, devoted a large part of his life to the study of Sangiovese, especially in the "Il Greppo" estate inherited from his mother.


Thanks to his knowledge in the chemical-scientific field, he managed to reach enviable levels in the oenological field, until he saw his Brunello ("chosen red wine") awarded at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1865.


A path that has never stopped since, and which has consecrated the cellar as an undisputed reference to Montalcino. The wines that come out every year from Tenuta Greppo are, in fact, still considered today as some of the greatest wines in the world, models of elegance and longevity. With plants that, in some cases, even exceed eighty years of age, Tenuta Greppo now has twenty-five hectares, where only Sangiovese grosso plants are found. Very low yields for an annual production of 80 thousand bottles. For the production of Brunello only the best grapes are selected, from vineyards that are at least ten years old for the vintage Brunello, and from plants over twenty-five years old for the Riserva.


The vinification, which begins with the destemming, followed by the pressing and fermentation, carried out in vats and cement tanks at controlled temperature. Subsequently and following the malolactic fermentation, the aging takes place in large Slavonian oak barrels, and finally the bottling, which takes place not earlier than four years after the harvest.


These are the practices that have been followed for years to create unique labels in the world.

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