We strongly believe that the value of wine is to aggregate people, to make a single moment together. Sharing is everything.
Our style is never a didactic style end in itself, or a formal atmosphere. We do not have fun like that.
After a day of work, our evening must be fun while the training purpose is always intrinsic.
During our tastings we have born beautiful friendships that we carry forward in years of events.
Our events are born more than 10 years ago to simply divide the cost of important wines with other participants.

For the purpose of "education" of our staff we have added commitment and strength, and now Grandi Bottiglie organizes two events a month that are taken by assault by the subscribers to our newsletter.
The average filling of our events in Turin is a few hours from the time of sending the email.
Our tastings take place in Via Brissogne 48, in our main office.
Monothematic tastings, courses of approach to wine, tasting competitions are the fun part of our work.

Features of our events:

  • We always declare the wines for tasting with relative vintages and not just the theme of the evening;
  • Bottles that know of cork or have problems are always replaced;
  • Pairings with high quality food products.

Lately we are also approaching Milan where we have many customers and where we normally rely on restaurant friends to organize our events.

Private events

We are able to create customized events according to the needs of each client.
From events for a special party to team building courses for companies.

Wine school

Every year we organize the course of approach to the first level and second level wine, opportunities to have fun learning a lot.

Wine fight

The tasting competitions thrill the experts and the final prizes up for grabs push everyone to concentrate to the maximum.

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