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We are specialized in the sale of vintage wines, collectible wines and wines to give away.


We have a rich collection of ancient wines of many vintages from the end of the 1800s.


Great wines have improved over the years, but there are also wines that are perfect as a birthday present or for an anniversary. Owning an antique wine is like having an antique piece.


Each bottle of vintage wine tells a story, which is transmitted from person to person over the years.


Every vintage wine is guaranteed about the originality and the external conditions such as the level of the wine, the color of the wine, labels and capsules. On the other hand, it is never possible to guarantee the drinkability of the bottle understood as pleasantness, as internal content.


This is because the taste of those who taste depends a lot on experience and in the background because wine is a natural product subjected to many variables, often uncontrollable.


Our prices on old vintages are very competitive and that's why buyers buy the risk inherent in old vin


These wines are perfect for for a birthday gift, anniversary gift or corporate gift.