Burgundy wines and natural winemaking are synonymous when it comes to the products of this French oenological territory. Most of the craftsmen who make wine, and we emphasize the term craftsmen in defining the Burgundian winemakers, base their production philosophy on the highest expression of the terroir of belonging, and the only way to achieve this goal is the use of absolutely natural, biological and biodynamic techniques.

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Domaine Robert Denogent perfectly represents the philosophy behind Burgundy wines in the absolute search for the intimate expression of the terroir, and is an artisan producer to be discovered and appreciated for its manual skill, in the true sense of the word, which characterizes its entire production cycle, from cultivation to the vineyard.

Regardless of its deep concern for the environment and the ecosystem, what distinguishes Denogent's craftsmanship is respect for Nature and its ancestral clichés, to which it literally leaves the entire management of its vineyards.

Denogent is the promoter of a cultivation in the vineyard and vinification in a non-interventional winery where, following meticulous and strict rules, most of the operations are manual. Synthetic products or chemical treatments are not used exclusively using copper and sulfur, all aimed at the growth of vines naturally strong and able to protect themselves autonomously.

In order, moreover, to preserve and maintain a microbial activity the soils are ventilated by manual ploughing cyclically, avoiding chemical herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and even limiting the use of tractors so as not to compact the soil.

Denogent is synonymous with absolute research of the best expression of the terroir.


Denogent Macon Villages Les Sardines 2017: natural wine at the base of the production line of Denogent, the daily wine of its range, but able to align itself with the highest productions thanks to its incredible personality and quality.
A pleasant and drinkable Burgundy wine, extremely fresh and mineral, characterized by a strong flavor that accompanies the entire transition to the palate.
Pale straw yellow by the glass, brilliant and clear, it expresses an ample floral bouquet on the nose and a pleasant hint of white fruit, reserving for itself minerality and sapidity on the palate.

Denogent Vire-Clesse En Chatelaine 2017:
straw yellow Burgundy wine by the glass that reveals itself to the nose with hints of exotic fruits and notes of white flowers.
On the palate it is full-bodied, buttery, with consistent resumption of fruity notes and characterized by a marked freshness conferred by the mineral and sapid note typical of the terroir of origin.
Perfect in combination with crustaceans, molluscs, fish in general and delicate white meats.

Denogent Pouilly Fuisses Les Reisses 2016:
100% Burgundy Chardonnay wine that comes in a deep straw yellow glass and bright with reflections tending to golden.
The bouquet of aromas is exciting and powerful, between ripe white fruit and flowers, but fresh and mineral, consistent on the palate that is accompanied by a pronounced flavor.