Wine Wedding Favors: the importance of the favor and the 5 rules that accompany it

The wedding favor it is the expression of thanks to our guests, it means leaving behind the memory of the emotions of a special day, a gift for those who have shared the joy of the Spouses that must be based on some basic rules in order to respect traditions:

  • The wedding favors for the guests must all be coordinate coordinate with each other, representing the same importance for each guest
  • Le bomboniere dedicated to witnesses and parents are different, more important, to celebrate the greater value that their position covers for the spouses, but rigorously packaged in the same way.
  • Tradition has it that wedding favors, regardless of everything, contain 5 sugared almonds as a symbol of health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life.
  • If the sugared almonds are more than 5, the important thing is that they are always in odd numbers dispari
  • The wedding favors must always be delivered to the guest before it is sent home, never before the gift is delivered
  • For those who were not present, the favor should be delivered personally , not delivering it at all or delivering it through intermediaries is a profound rudeness according to tradition
  • The choice of the object has no rules, no matter the material, the shape or the price, as long as it is a strictly original and unique gift , designed to thank our guests.

On this point let us dwell carefully: what makes a thought so full of meaning a "dust catcher" object, as many define it?
The lack of originality .
Attention, it is not a fault, but a consequence of months and months of preparations, mental commitment, many thoughts and attentions leaves little space for choosing the wedding favor, a small symbolic object that will be placed on a shelf, at best.

Wedding favor and wine they are much more coordinated than you can imagine, because wine is an exceptional passepartout, a gift appreciated on any occasion, which always satisfies everyone, from the enthusiast to the occasional drinker.
It is a useful gift because it can be used, if desired , but above all original if done in the right way.


Wine Wedding Favors: a passepartout of great finesse    

Wine Wedding Favors, a much more coordinated match than one might think, you know why?
Why do we know how difficult it is to think of a wedding favor that can be original and not overly expensive, that can satisfy both the spouses who give it, both witnesses and guests.
Furthermore, we know how difficult it is to organize the preparations for a wedding and that, among all the things you have to think about, the wedding favor is in many cases the aspect to which less importance is given compared to the whole rest.

Wine always satisfies everyone, it is a gift that never fails on any occasion, so thinking of a wedding wine favor for marriage is simply perfect, especially if personalized.

Don't you know what to give to your witnesses? a wine wedding favor with a beautiful vintage wine bottle enclosed in a special personalized wooden wine box allows you to make a very original gift , of great emotional value, of great effect thanks to the laser engraved personalization on the wine box and, above all, that will surely hit the target!
Even better if the wine year matches that of the witnesses!
Wine is a gift appreciated both by those who are passionate and by those who occasionally drink it, it is an authentic passepartout !

You want to leave a nice memory to your guests of respect of your most important day? Think of a wine wedding favor made up of a vintage wine bottle embellished with thousands of memories of the past that comes with it.

Trust us, you will never go wrong with a wine wedding favor !


Wine Wedding Favors: when simplicity comes to meet a need

Let's not hide behind a finger: the wedding favor is an important symbol, but 99% of us have so many aspects to organize in a wedding, coordinating them with all the other daily commitments to the point that the wedding favor is the last of the thoughts.
It is not done by chance, but without doubt it is not given the same weight and value compared to all other aspects of the organization.
How many of you received a wedding favor really useful, different from the others? Or rather, how many of you have kept a wedding favor in plain sight for the pleasure of doing it, rather than solely for the memory it represents?
We thought of a line of wine favors to solve some of the problems that most customers have expressed to us:

  • In only one portal you can choose everything you need to compose a personalized and original wine favor, vintage bottles, fine wines , personalized wine sets and personalized wine accessories .
  • A catalog of over 36,000 products for every type of budget
  • 36,000 references that are distinguished by value of the label , the producer and the type of wine so to find in just one place the wine favors for the guest and the wine favors for the witness (to which, as tradition dictates, a wedding favor of greater value rests)
  • A laser customization service that allows you to make the wine favor absolutely original, designed and dedicated
  • Vintages from 1900 to today, whose coordination with the corresponding vintage of the recipient exalts to the maximum the concept of personalized gift idea and great consideration
  • The guarantee that, at a time full of things to think about, wine is a simple solution but useful , similarly usable , original and of great impact thanks to the possibility of customization.

Discover our entire line of products dedicated to wine wedding favors for marriage


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