Grandi Bottiglie organizes information events dedicated to the wine investment sector in various Italian cities.

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wine investment

Wine Investment: the advantages and why to do it

What is awine investment? it means choosing to move its capital by focusing on one of the safest products on the market and it is considered, due to its peculiar characteristics of a financial asset, a more reliable safe haven than gold: until now, it has never experienced market crashes sudden unlike any other traditional asset subjected instead to cyclical collapses.
Suffice it to say that even when in 2008, when the financial crisis began in Italy, all the major sectors recorded considerable losses, wine made investors earn a profit of +7% growing steadily and consolidating over time, even reaching peaks even at +16% in 12 months.

Wine investment means generating a revaluation that was confirmed again this year around the +10%/year and between the 160% and 192% in 10 years (market research by Mediobanca), clearly outstripping almost all traditional assets, including gold and oil.
Furthermore, wine is an absolutely natural product and subject to an enormous number of variables that influence aging over time, it is therefore considered a perishable good and, precisely for this reason, it is not subject to no capital gains tax.

Obviously, wine is an asset that must be integrated into a diversified investment portfolio, a fundamental rule and the basis of any intelligent investment action, but which thanks to its extremely low risk rate guarantees a safe haven on which to place your trust.

wine investment

Wine Investment: who to trust and what are the risks

The wine investments are exactly like any other financial asset with the difference that, to date, it cannot be said in any way that there are risks, if not mainly three:

  • Environment for conservation and proper aging
  • Break the bottles
  • Uncork the bottles to drink them

However, this low risk rate does not mean that investment in wine is easy, quite the contrary: you need to have a profound and forward-looking knowledge of this market and, above all, of the value of producers, years of harvest and wine labels on the market, taking into consideration many factors that influence aging and the trend of wines on the market.

We do not have to rely on do-it-yourself, because at this point the risk rate rises sharply, instead we must always rely on qualified operators who make buying and selling wine their core business and who move with confidence on the market according to modalità but above all the right times to always guarantee a good profit.

Wine Investment: the problem of conservation

How to preserve the prized wine or the investment wine is the real and most important risk encountered in this sector, as well as the second important reason why it is absolutely not advisable to rely on FAI you.
Wine is a natural, living product that changes, changes and ages over time.
In practice, the process of aging and maintaining the quality of the wine is subject to a multitude of factors deriving from how it is maintained but above all where it is maintained: positioning of the bottles, controlled temperature and humidity are fundamental aspects that they can only be guaranteed in specific cellars.
What happens if the correct procedures for conservation of fine wines are not respected? The aging process does not follow an optimal course leading to a degradation of his body, dryness of the cork and infiltration of oxygen, lowering of the level of the wine in the bottle and color of the body that it leaf through: total and absolute devaluation of the bottle with consequent loss in the rate revaluation deriving from the sale on the market.

Wine Investment: the role of Grandi Bottiglie

Grandi Bottiglie is a company specialized for over 15 years in operations aimed at investing in wine.
We buy and sell wine every day and we make this sector our core business based on experience, knowledge of market and the value of wines that are the result of many years investments on our behalf and on behalf of our customers.
We believe that the investment in wine should not be "a bargain for a few", but that it should be a opportunity available also for those who want to invest a small budget.
The work of the Grandi Bottiglie staff is to follow the customer in the careful choice of the investment periods and the basket of wines on which to invest , through targeted and specific consultancy based on the Client's possibilities and his profit intentions.
Once the objectives have been set, the game is done.
We never accept risky strategies because for us the investment in wine it must be as safe as possible and the so-called controlled risk is our work philosophy.
Buying and selling wines every day we are able to get the pulse of the market and if necessary, promptly intervene if "the air changes".
Moreover, well aware of the delicacy to which the conservation of wine is subject and the fact that not everyone can have an ad hoc wine cellar at their disposal, Grandi Bottiglie provides its private wine cellars for storage and the optimal preservation of wines on behalf of the customer who may have the possibility of keeping your investment product in optimal conditions and always perfectly controlled, so as to be able to guarantee the best environmental conditions of aging.

Eine Investment at a glance
and the advantages of relying on Grandi Bottiglie

  • Investment sector with very low risk
  • Absolutely stable market: it has never registered slumps until today
  • Rivalutazione consolidata dall'inizio del suo corso: circa +10% in 12 mesi e tra il +160% e il +192% in 10 anni
  • No taxes on capital gains as perishable good
  • Possibility to invest even small budgets
  • Private wine cellars at controlled temperature and humidity available to the Customer for the storage of their wines
  • Targeted and specific initial advice based on the capital to be invested and the Customer's profit intentions
  • Constant and ongoing advice based on market trends
  • Over 15 years of experience at the service of the Client

Grandi Bottiglie organizes information events dedicated to the wine investment sector in various Italian cities.

To receive event dates, information, guides and advice on investing in wine, you can register on our list


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