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Solaia 1993 ANTINORI


Solaia 1993 is a Supertuscan produced by Antinori, a fine Tuscan wine obtained from a blend of international grape varieties and Sangiovese. It is one of the great Italian red wines known and sought after all over the world, a complex and structured wine.



Antinori Solaia 1993

Solaia is a name recognized and appreciated throughout the world, an excellence of Made in Italy. It is a red wine produced by Marchesi Antinori for the first time in 1978 and only in the best vintages. It was born at the hands of Marquis Pietro Antinori who, after creating the famous Tignanello, decided to produce another great wine by vinifying in purity and then blending the grapes of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, since 1982 was also added a 20% Si Sangiovese.

We are talking about one of the best quality Supertuscans, a mix wisely created by Antinori starting from the best grapes of the best vintages, a prestigious terroir, passion and search for perfection.

Solaia Antinori was born in the heart of Chianti Classico in a vineyard of 20 hectares in the Tignanello Estate on calcareous soils at 400 meters above sea level. The harvest is manual and the vinification is separate for each type of grape, the alcoholic fermentation takes place in 60hl tanks while the malolactic fermentation in barriques is left to mature for 16/18 months depending on the vintage before another year in the bottle.

The Solaia di Antinori is an elegant and austere wine, able to age for decades, the nose is wide and very varied, rich in forest fruits, flowers, leather, undergrowth, chocolate, tobacco, an incredible amount of spices and herbs. In the mouth it is a powerful, round and full-bodied wine with dense and robust tannins.

One of the best Italian wines proudly exported in the world, the Solaia 2004 Antinori.

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Marchesi Antinori has the merit of being the first Tuscan wine to be known and appreciated all over the world. Their secret is to blend modernity and tradition, flanking the native Tuscan grape varieties with the international Supertuscan, and creating a range of exceptional wines including Tignanello and Solaia, among the most important and sought-after Italian bottles in the world.

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