Jacques Frederic Mugnier Grandi Bottiglie

Jacques Frederic Mugnier, history and authenticity of Burgundy

Jacques Frederic Mugnier is a historic Burgundy winery whose origins date back to the end of the 20th century. It was founded in 1863 by Frederic Mugnier, a liquor manufacturer in Dijon, and comprised about 20 hectares of vineyards divided between Chambolle-Musigny and Nuits-Saint-Georges.

In 2004, the company drastically changed its size, allowing a new and better organisation of the work. Today, around Jocelyne and Frédéric Mugnier, the permanent team of the Domaine: Adeline, Audrey, Damien, Fabien, Guillaume, Patrick and Philippe, pays attention to every detail to bring from the vineyard to the cellar and to your glass the best that nature can give. Their approach to viticulture and winemaking aims to preserve the purest expression of nature in their wines with minimal interference from technological practices.

They take a pragmatic approach to viticulture and favour manual work and preventive protection methods in the vineyard. The aim is not to eradicate pests and diseases, but to preserve or restore a rich and active ecosystem. With healthy, ripe grapes grown in the best terroirs, winemaking need only be simple and respectful.

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