The Fertuna company was born in 1997 in the province of Grosseto, among the rolling hills of the Tuscan Maremma. The name comes from the "luck" of the farmers to be able to cultivate this beautiful and fertile Tuscan land. The estate includes 145 total hectares, of which fifty are destined for the cultivation of vines and 10 for the cultivation of olive trees. Here the ground is formed by galestro with a limestone sub-layer of Alberese. The geological composition of the soil, together with the Mediterranean microclimate which is strongly influenced by sea currents and the good temperature fluctuations between day and night, make this terroir perfectly suited to the cultivation of the vine. The mainly cultivated vines, in addition to the Sangiovese, an indigenous symbol of the territory and of the Tuscany region in general, have been planted several international vines and other varieties that are well suited to the conformation of the Maremma. Each working phase is followed with the utmost attention: from the vintage to the manual selection, to ensure the perfect quality and integrity of them. Even in the work in the cellar, continuous innovation does not distract attention towards respect for the environment, the basic element of the company philosophy, which for generations has produced wines that are a pure expression of the territory to which they belong.

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