The origins of this Domaine start way back in 1853, the year in which James bought the Château Mouton Brane in Pauillac. A century later, Edmond, visionary descendant and innovator, bought two new Crus (Château Clarke and Château Malmaison) and gave life to the Baron Edmond De Rothschild company. To him the merit of having renewed the production methods in the vineyard and in the cellar and to expand the trade of his wines outside the Bordeaux region. Today the company is led by Benjamin, son of Edmond, and now has several offices around the world, but the most important domaine of the company are located in Pauillac, west of Bordeaux. We are in Médoc, one of the most famous wine areas in France, especially for the production of Bordeaux. The most cultivated vines are obviously Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, carefully cared for from the vineyards to winemaking in the cellar, every attempt is made to conduct production with respect for the territory and following natural rhythms. The product of this work are very high quality wines, located at the top of the French Grand Cru ranking. Each bottle faithfully expresses the terroir of origin.

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