Trentino Alto Adige

South Tyrol offers an extremely interesting and varied wine production, mainly focused on the production of excellent white and red wines. Here many "international" varieties are cultivated, however the importance of autochthonous grapes is certainly important and representative. Thanks to the particular cool climate, to the environmental and geological conditions, the production of Alto Adige white wines reaches levels of excellence, certainly among the best in Italy, characterized by the typical and pleasant acidity enriched by the exuberant aromatic freshness of flowers and fruits . The production of red wines is also interesting and excellent, in particular those produced with Lagrein - the famous native grape of Alto Adige - and with Pinot Nero, which in this area is capable of producing results of absolute class and elegance. Not to be forgotten is Gewürztraminer - or Traminer Aromatico - and the many wines produced with Schiava grapes in the large, gray and gentle variety, known here as Vernatsch.

 The varieties of white grapes grown in South Tyrol are different, some of them also quite special, such as the Grüner Veltliner and the Kerner. In this region are also cultivated the Silvaner (or Sylvaner), Pinot Grigio (known as Rülander), Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Blanc (Weißburgunder), Chardonnay, Riesling Renano (Rheinriesling), Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato Giallo (Goldenmuskateller). With these grapes in Alto Adige they produce exciting and pleasant white wines, in particular with the grapes that prefer cool climate areas. Thanks to the cool climate of these lands, white wines are rarely matured or fermented in wooden barrels, here we prefer to highlight the fresh and fruity character of the wines, a characteristic that distinguishes the white wines of South Tyrol. However, even in cases where the producer chooses the barrel or barrique for its white wines, the result is still characterized by a pleasant and refreshing acidity.

Among the red wines, Lagrein is certainly the celebrity of this region, capable of offering pleasant rosé wines - known as Lagrein Kretzer - and wines of remarkable structure and longevity, better known as Lagrein Dunkel or Lagrein Scuro. Lagrein is generally used alone - with remarkable results - however it is also found in the wines of the denominations Santa Maddalena, Casteller and Lago di Caldaro, as well as combined with some international varieties, such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Among the red grapes grown in Alto Adige of notable interest, we remember Pinot Noir which, thanks to the cool climate of these areas, allows the production of excellent wines, among the best in Italy produced with this variety. Another red grape of considerable importance for South Tyrol is Schiava, here known as Vernatsch, mainly used in the wines of the Santa Maddalena denomination. As for the production of sweet wines, we recall those produced with the Moscato Giallo (Goldenmuskateller) grapes and - in particular - the evocative Moscato Rosa (Rosenmuskateller), rare and elegant with its unmistakable strawberry and rose aromas.

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