Wine Attach What?

Wine Attach is a project directed to creativity.

Grandi Bottiglie is specialized in vintage wine for birthday present, anniversary gift, and corporate giving.

Immediately we felt the need to create a range of accessories for a better appreciation of an emotional gift like a vintage wine bottle. Who receives a wine of his own vintage, always remains stunned and strongly impressed.

Almost joking, a few years ago we tried to market a small wooden box customized with the name and the vintage of the receiver, burned with a fire pyrograph. It was a huge hit: 90% of whom bought vintage bottles also bought the custom box.

From then, ideas have a grown and now we crated a section of Grandi Bottiglie focusing only on the Customizations in combination with vintage wine and accessories to the wine’s world.

We invested in technology with the purchase of a modern and professional laser machine, but first of all in ideas.

This new project named “Wine Attach” allows all our staff to reinvent them self once again.

Excited about first results we hope that our “wine concepts” can excite Your Customers too.

Our business idea is to create unique and customized objects and not standardized in large quantities.

Bottle rack, wooden boxes, showcases, corkscrew, wall clock, bracelets, key rings, tables, and much more.

We also implement external projects, we put Your ideas into practice with ad hoc quotes. So, if you have any ideas, contact us!

The power of this brand is the personalization, all the creations are customizable once by one. There are no printing plants cost and if you buy 10 identical items you can customized them in 10 different ways. We work on the quality of ideas and achievements.

We look to Wine Bars, Restaurants, wine Merchants, Producers. Wherever the wine is a mate of travel.

Wine Attach covers this need: excite, entertain, and make unique the personalized object, functional to a gift, to the furnishing of a room or to other.